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Rescuing an aloe vera

I´ve found many plants on the streets and adopted them. One of them is this huge aloe vera plant that was malnourished and red when I found her. I took carried the plant home and replanted her into a bigger pot. I also changed the soil and added some compost to give the plant a bit of a microbial boost. Just after two months the aloe vera is doing great and I´ve harvested my first leaves for soothing the skin and addition to smoothies.

And the greenery comes

I feel lucky if I encounter a snake on my way in the forest and rarely in the garden. Last summer A. saw a grass snake( Natrix natrix) sliding into a small whole in the hugelbed. We have only one poisonous snake here, common adder(Vipera berus) and I usually meet one alive once a year as lot of them die on the roads unfortunately. When I´m cycling and I see any dead snakes or other animals, birds I place them to the forest on the side of the road. I just feel a bit better this way as the old body can become part of the nature quicker then.

Grasssnake(Natrix natrix) is harmless Loe edasi And the greenery comes

Spreading out the soil

During those last couple of weeks we´ve managed to enchance our raised bed, planted some berry bushes and mulched almost all the fruit trees with reed . The main task has been spreading the soil around which is piled up in our front yard. We´ve used that soil for couple of years now but it still blocks the other entrance so no maschines can get to our back yard as some work needs to be done there. The soil is mainly used for evening the landscape out as our previous dog loved digging for european water voles, whom we don´t seem to have living here anymore. Finally those hidden foot twisting holes will be gone. I also added some more soil to the Hugelbeet which seems to have more decent flatter angle now.

Loe edasi Spreading out the soil

DIY mini greenhouse

March is the month of spring and time for sowing seeds, at least indoors or in a greenhouse here in northern hemisphere. I don´t have one yet and therefore I decided to create a mini version out of old cd-cases. I saw several DIY-s on the web, where they had cut the CD cases but I do not think that cutting plastic is that easy. Last time when I tried to make a smart phone hologram I went to through about 10 cases before I managed to make the right cut.

You need: at least 4 CD cases, glue gun.

Loe edasi DIY mini greenhouse