Rubriigiarhiiv: BEVERAGE

Mushroom mulled wine

Glögi is nordic version of the typical German Christmas market´s hot drink Glühwein. It´s hard to imagine winter without this warming beverage. Rare chaga mushroom(Inonotus obliquus), that  grows in cold climates on birch trees adds soft taste to it and is also known for its immune boosting properties.

Estonian version of mulled wine has usually blackcurrant juice in it but any other dark juice(blackberry, blueberry) would add great taste too.

Loe edasi Mushroom mulled wine

Coconut kefir

Every time I feel like getting a cold I start craving for savory fermented drinks of foods. Kefir made with coconut milk is actually a bit sweet but has quite similar properties as milk kefir. I like using that drink making varous savory and sweet dishes as it´s always good to get some more good bacteria growing in the gut.

Loe edasi Coconut kefir

Colourful smoothie

I´ve started to use herbs and salat almost in every morning in my smoothies. There is plenty of salad growing and I don´t know how else to use it in cooking. I haven´t got to the point of making soups with lettuce this year but I think I will soon.

Loe edasi Colourful smoothie

Kali – a fermented bread limonade

A  bread drink called kali is an Estonian version of slavic fermented beverage kvass with sweet-sour flavor and natural bubbles. I remember stories of real kali street vendors that used to drive around towns to sell that soft drink in a same way as ice-cream trucks nowadays. Unfortunately the kali sold in supermarket´s these days has too much sugar in it and doesn´t taste that fresh anyway. This is a good reason to make it at home.

Loe edasi Kali – a fermented bread limonade